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Uplink Tutorial Request

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When you install Uplink, you have 2 choices, one requires you to have 2 SIP accounts, and the other uses a PBX deal like asterix, et al... Can someone make a tutorial for both methods?


I have a cordless setup using a Grandstream SIP phone adapter, I tried using the 2 SIP accounts methods, and had no luck, I even tried direct IP dialing, to see what would happen, but nada...


I have accounts with both FWD and Stanaphone, I have Uplink setup and it was configured with the correct information, and there are *no* errors in the log window of Uplink, it seems to be playing nicely with Skype,

however I can't seem to figure out why it wont place a Skype Call OUT with my SIP phone adapter...


Can someone help Neophytes such as myself with this, I think it would end a lot of pointless posts on here!


I have used the search feature on here for a good walk through, and there is a lot of good help on here, but for a situation like mine, it is still a little lacking.


I do plan on buying tech support, because I believe this is a product worth supporting, I would like to at least know it will work for my purposes first though.


Thank you everybody.

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