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.cda to .mp3

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I want to convert a .cda file to a .mp3 but each time I tell it to convert an error notice pops up saying it can't open the file and that I probably don't have a suitable codec installed.


How do I know what codec I want and where can I get it?


Any help appreciated.





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Guest Alyssa Mehl
Your using the wrong software, try using Express Rip instead: www.nch.com.au/rip


.cda support will be included in the next release of Switch though.



:D Thank you all!!! I've been trying to convert a .cda into a .wav file for about a week now, it's become urgent that I be able to do this and I was having the same problem as Tina. If it weren't for this forum and the software I'd still be stuck - so to everyone participating in these forums, and especially to nchtj for your expertise - THANKS!

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