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Loading Audio CD Tracks

Guest Claire

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Guest Claire



I have an audio CD that I need to load.


I have tried going to File, Load Audio CD Tracks. The dialogue box that pops up is recognising that there is a CD in the CD Rom Drive and shows the track I need to load as Track 1. I then click on the file and click load.


The dialogue box disappears but nothing happens.


The file will play with Windows Media Player.


I have two files tracks that I need to load and they are both on separate CDs, but the same happens with both.


Neither of these CDs are audio CDs, they are CDRWs but I have successfully managed to download another audio track from a CDRW (although I have to confess it took ages to load it, and I tried so many different things that I am not quite sure what I did right).


What else can I try?


Many thanks







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I think I know what the problem is - it seems you have confused what is known as an "audio CD" with audio files that reside on a CD in data format. A proper audio CD will always have .cda files on it, a data CD will have files of any other type (audio, data, etc).


So the answer to your problem is to use the File menu -> Open File... option, and to browse to your CD and load the audio files that way.

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