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Can't Convert .flac files to .mp3

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I have read all the other post regarding this, and still haven't found a solution...the original files are in .flac, and for some reason I can't convert them to .mp3...has ANYBODY had any luck with this? I'm a Mac user, if that helps.



I'm using a MAC iBook G4.


I'm having the same problem and I already know why it won't convert on my MAC.


SWITCH actually installs successfully, it's the file conversion that won't work. I get the following error:


ERROR: Switch can not install the requred install-it-on-demand component "mp3el". Please download it from www.nch.com.au/components and install it manually.


Even though the version of SWITCH I installed IS for MACs, the extra file they're talking about installing, the "mp3el" file, is in fact an .EXE file!?!?! Which of course is for PCs, not MACs.



Therefore, could someone (admin?) please let us know whether or not there is a MAC-version of the "mp3el" file or another way to use Switch to successfully convert .flac files to .mp3?


Thanks very much!

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lame should have been distributed with Mac switch, we'll have to check that and get back to you.




Any details about this ? Your post dates back to one month, and I have exactly the same mp3 problem with Switch, that I have installed just today !


I don't quite get what you mean about Lame, but what I can tell you is that it IS indeed installed with my version of Switch, which doesn't seem to solve the problem, obviously.


Thanks for any answer and schedule you might give for a fix.

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