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Soften the image edge

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You can check Local Focus - Add a local focus layer by clicking the Local Focus icon on the Effects tab of the toolbar, then adjust the selected local focus layer in the Localized Focus Properties panel.

You can use the local focus layer to subtly draw attention to a particular area on the canvas.
The local focus layer is controlled by a pair of overlapping circles on the canvas which share the same center.
  • Inside the inner circle, the canvas will remain clear.
  • Outside the outer circle, the image will be blurry.
  • Between the inner and outer circles is a gradual change from sharp to blurry.

Click inside a circle and drag the mouse to position the focus point.
Click and drag a circle's edge to resize that circle.

Localized Focus Properties

Blur Type
Change the blur type using the radio buttons.
Sharp / Blur
Use the slider to increase or decrease the blur or sharpness of the out edges.
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