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Making VideoPad Faster On Render


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Been using VideoPad since 4.x and it's always been good. But as I went from 720, to 1080, then to 4K rendering got slower. At 1080 I added a dedicated SSD drive on the mother board to act as a cache, and continued to use that until recently. Here's where I got a huge improvement. A recent hardware upgrade forced me to remove the second SSD drive and use the primary (OS) SSD drive as the cache, and rendering times went WAY down. That's contrary to what a lot of video/photo editing products say. It's a simple enough experiment if you think it might help.

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In addition to caching to an SSD, five tips on speeding up VP rendering...

1.  Upgrade the PC  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Obzhlp0kfY    (One of many such sites available via a search.)

2. Create source files with AVC (264) encoding and enable the GPU encoder, which is usually done by default, under OPTIONS | ADVANCED.

3.  If content is lengthy and very high-def, consider using proxies.  See this 'sticky' post.   (This is a common editing practice.)

4.  Lower the export resolution.  Very high-def may not be needed, considering the device to be used for viewing.

5.  Break up lengthy or complex projects into segments.  Export each in turn.  When editing is complete assemble the segments for the final export.

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