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assembling audio book for customer download Part 2


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Ok so now I gut how to do part 1, but have revealed an issue.

For my audio book I am using multiple tracks for each chapter project segment:

music, music 2, voice 1, voice 2, sound SFX 1, sound SFX 2, sound SFX 3, etc.

When I save a chapter project using File >>> Export project as audio file (mp3 or WAV), I am only getting saved the first 3 tracks. the other tracks (however many there might be) are silent, they do not get saved as either a full exported mp3 or WAV file so I can then do part 1.

Whenever I play back my assembled test tracks (only 2 for now) my second file with multiple tracks only replays the first 3 tracks. WHY??

What am I doing wrong? Inside the WavePad Multi track Master software, whenever I replay the multi tracks I hear everything just fine.

If I close this chapter project and later reopen, everything is fine, nothing missing or deleted. If I try to save as mp3 or WAV export, reply that exported file, same thing happens, loss of bottom multiple tracks.

Please advise any solutions. I have watched the training videos and nothing pops out for my mistakes.



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