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Uploading MP3's to DM-20 via DSS Player

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iMac G5, OS 10.4.7

Olympus DM-20

DSS Player 6.0.4



Mac users: Be advised that the current version of the Olympus DSS Player software is extremely buggy, unreliable and poorly documented. It is clearly deceptive marketing for Olympus to tout "MAC COMPATIBILITY" given the crude state of this software.


My current frustration is with the music player side of the Olympus DM-20 recorder/player. Olympus has an extended section in their doc describing how to upload music/etc files to the Recorder using the Win version of WMP which recognizes the recorder as a removable disc and allows drag and drop transfers. There is no doc on uploading to Macs other than the enigmatic statement "Please use your favorite application software according to your use". The WMP for Mac has none of the above capabilities and appears to be a just a player. I see no way to use it to upload files to the Mac.


I wanted to upload mp3 files of Italian language lessons but the DSS Player software will not recognize MP3 files created in iTunes or Audacity (they are grayed out). When I have been able to trick it into uploading one of these files, it loads about 30% then chokes and freezes and even Force Quit won't shut down the DSS Player...necessitating a hard button hold shut down. The Olympus tech person said these MP3 file types have proprietary header coding that prevents the dss player from accessing the file. I thought an MP3 was an MP3. Any work-arounds out there?

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