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[Linksys 3102/Axon PBX] Rewriting CID on the fly?


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I use those two pieces of technology, and I need to rewrite caller ID information on the fly: Some customers don't have names that are descriptive enough in their Name section of CID (eg. "Mc Donald's"), so I would need to...

1. look up the CID number in a database

2. fetch the city this customer is located

3. rewrite the CID Name from "McDonald's" to "McDonald's 78th St"

4. Have this SIP packet be sent to either the Axon PBX software, or to all the clients that are part of the ring group.


Does anyone have an idea how I could do that, either on the Linksys or the Axon side? Unfortunately, Axon is a closed-source software, so I can't really do much on that end.


I was thinking maybe of having some kind of proxy that would parse and rewrite data between the Linksys and the Axon. What do you think?


Thank you.

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