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However with Sipgate, I get no incoming Audio!!!


Easy on the exclamation marks ;-)


As an SIP newbie, I would first investigate NAT not allowing RTP data packets in as it should. Make sure you use STUN and have a UPnP-capable router.


If still no luck, go ask in a VoIP-related forum, as you won't get much help over here, judging by the number of threads that didn't get any answer.

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I have solved that problem.


It was to do with the STUN settings (only tick the STUN box and none of the other in network setup).


I have also got remote extensions working perfectly - either over VPN, or directrly from the internet.


Only have one remaining now


I have 3 'standard' phone extensions.


1 connected to a Granstream HanyTome 486 adapter - works fine.


2 connected to a Netgear TA612V adapter - works fine EXCEPT for calls to/from Sipgate - I hear no sound from other party, they can hear me. - The other Sip providers (and Uplink to Skype) work fine - just Sipgate on this Adapter





Just trying out the Axon system - have no problems with Skype Uplink, and VOIP on Firefly(freshtel) and Entacall - all work perfectly.


However with Sipgate, I get no incoming Audio!!!


Does anyone have any ideas please!!!!





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