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How do you unlink or detach sound clips from a video segment?


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How to you detatch a sound clip from a video clip segment?

I have an old project done up in VP 2.05 on my machine, which is an old Dell Vostro running Windows XP.

I am trying to substitute the video clips in the old vpj file with new video and simply swap them into the project with all the old audio intact the same as it was....because all I need is to replace the video.

Problem is, seemingly at random, some of the sound clips are stuck onto some of the video segments, and when I move or delete the video segments, the sound clips move or delete with them, and there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

I have dozens of small sound segments carefully placed along the time stream audio tracks and I don't want to have to completely reconstruct the audio flow from scratch. None of them were part of the imported video clips, but for some reason, some of the sound clips have attached themselves to video, and now it's a major PITA to remove the old video clips and replace them with the new.

I have googled for the answer but there doesn't seem to be any help, and the few instructions I've found don't work.

I have found a drop menu under Edit-->Sound--> that says "Unlink Sound Clip", but clicking it does nothing, it doesn't seem to activate no matter how I try to select the sound clip, or video clip associated with it.

Also, How did those clips become attached anyway?.... I never did that....

Thank You,


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Can't say what caused the apparent attachment.  Use a more recent release, if possible.  An entire audio sequence can be saved as a WAV, and dropped onto a new track.  It will show up under the Audio tab, and in the Music folder on the PC.

Then video, whether audio is linked or not, can be removed with no effect on the new track.

Click the SEQUENCES tab above the bin.  Right-click on the sequence.  Then choose...  image.png

If the SEQUENCES tab isn't visible, add a new, blank sequence by clicking the + on the existing sequence tab that's above the timeline thumbnails.

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