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Need help with audio recording device.


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So I just bought a brand-new blue yeti microphone nano to use with some voice modulation software for content creation. But for some reason, none of the programs will let me record audio.

When I try to use Voxel Voice Changer, for example, nothing is recorded, and it says it’s unable to detect an audio stream after I hit Stop. On Camtasia, the same happens. Nothing is recorded and the message that shows up after I hit stop confirms it. Voice Mod may hold the biggest clue. When I’m in the middle of setting it up and choosing the microphone and speaker it won’t let me continue and says the following:

“Microphone input device is being used by another application in an exclusive move or Voicemod has not been allowed to use a microphone. Please allow apps to access your microphone, select another input device in the voice mod settings or close the other application.”

But no other applications that use the microphone are open other than the program I’m trying to use at the time.  

I’m posting the same question on the help forums of the people who made the software but since all three programs aren’t recording the audio I’m assuming it’s more of a problem with how I have windows setup or the microphone itself than the software. But since it's a brand new microphone that's highly unlikely 


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