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A better way to change clip speed?


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Is there any way that you can change the settings so that dragging the end of a video clip can change its speed to fit the new position instead of cropping it?

I very rarely use the crop function this way and it would save SO MUCH time to be able to speed up my clips this way instead of guessing my way through percentage changes.

If there is you will have made my week!

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CROP doesn't have much to do with speed.

Here's the initial Change Clip Speed dialog for a :30 clip... image.png

Change the Duration here - in this case to :15 - and the speed will track...  image.png

Similarly, when a clip is sized on the timeline, the Speed percentage that you have entered in the Speed Change box will change accordingly.

Perhaps not precisely what you want, but something to be aware of.  Click the caret at the top-right of the VP window and make a suggestion.

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