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dictations turn out empty / after 10' stops recording

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I had two problems so far.


A) the software gave empty files. So i lost my complete lecture! After reinstalling the same package a second and a third time, i now test it and it seems to work. problem solved i hope.


B) when my pocket pc turns of the screen after say ten minutes. Pocket dictate stops recording. When i tab the screen i see Pocket Dictate running normally and recording normally, but the time elapsed during screen of time is gone. So for longer recording i understand i need to tab the screen every ten minutes? My lectures are 45 to 60 minutes each. how should i record a meeting then?


any suggestions?

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I have the same issue with it going blank after a bit. What a pain. Please fix!


I have the same problem. When my pocketpc powersaves after 2 minutes, recording (or playback) stops. This makes the software useless to me asi I'm either trying to record a 45 minute session or play it back. Neither Audible or Windows media have this symptom, as they will play for hours

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