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Smooth video transitions.

Alan R

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Working on a fresh install (10.96) everything got set back to effectively factory settings.  When I applied transition between 2 videos it said something along the lines of "no space...fixed transition..." did I want to overlap for smooth transition or not, ok'd it.  Transitions are now nice and smooth for each video fade out/in super.

Is there a way of resetting this feature or is this permanent (cannot believe this)


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Here are the default options...  image.png

If there is no excess video at the head or end of the clips to be transitioned, you will be prompted if Ask me has been set as the default.

Move clips to overlap can be a good choice but be aware that this may throw audio that's not linked to video out of sync.

If Generate freeze frames is chosen, then halfway through the transition the FROM clip will freeze and the TO clip will UNfreeze, with no sync loss.

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