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Audio not recording all..


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..but it did on the first Video I made, perfectly in fact with no changes in the options you have as default settings.

I tried to screen record a game-tutorial this a.m. and no audio, glad it was just a test-run.  I found some info here on your forum so I tried that.

Checked my PCs settings in Sound area of Control Panel

Rechecked your default settings in Debut

Did a complete uninstalled, restarted my PC, downloaded fresh install from this site

Still no sound so I'm missing something.  If anyone can help me I would so appreciate it.  I love the software as that first recording went to well, and user-friendly.  I'll put a link to the video w/audio I did on it yesterday:

My first video using Debut

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Hi @Denise70,

You can try the following:

1. Open the program
2. Click on the Options button and go to the Audio tab
3. Make sure that the Microphone and Speaker options are checked
4. Click on the System Mixer button
5.  Click on the active microphone and then Properties
6.  In the Microphone Properties button under the Levels tab adjust the Level by moving the slider

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People!!  If you can't give me "new" directions that are not already given to me previously in this tab, or look at my OP which shows you what I've already tried, STOP replying, period!!

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Hello Denise,

Please try to set your sound card or "Stereo Mix" option as your Windows default recording device before trying again. Go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording menu > select your sound card or Stereo Mix and set it as default. If these options are not listed, right-click on the blank area, select "Show disabled devices", look for the option, select, click "Set default", and click OK.

If this does not work, I recommend reaching out to the NCH Technical support team here: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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