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Record multitracks at the same time

Mark L

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I have a small mixer that can be hooked up to my laptop. The mixer has 5 inputs and says it can send each track to my computer for recording. I get audio from the mixer into Mixpad but all the channels are in one track. Am I using the wrong program, or do I need to do some additional setting up within Mixpad?

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You may try the following:

1. Connect your mixer to your laptop via a USB cable or an audio interface.
2. Open MixPad and create a new project.
3. Create separate tracks in MixPad for each input channel on your mixer. To create a new track, click on the "Track" menu at the top of the MixPad window, and select "Add Track". Repeat this step until you have created a track for each input on your mixer.
4. In the "Devices" section of the MixPad preferences, select your mixer as the recording device.
5. On each track in MixPad, set the input source to the corresponding channel on your mixer. Click on the track to select it, then go to the "Input" section of the track settings on the left-hand side of the MixPad window. Here, you can select the input source for that track.
6. Arm each track for recording. Click on the arm button on each track to enable it for recording.
7. Start recording by clicking the record button in MixPad.
Once you have completed these steps, each input channel from your mixer should be recorded onto a separate track in MixPad.

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