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Corrupted or invalid file, load failed


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Suddenly Pixxilion refuses to convert almost all TIFF files. When adding TIFF-files an error message appears: çorrupted or invalid file, load failed'. This happens also with files that were previously loaded in Pixillion with no problem (and converted)! I rebooted the computer, tried different disks, settings, ran the repair function, etc. When I convert a "corrupted" TIFF-file to JPG through another program, Pixillion reads the JPG-file with no problem. . . . 

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Found out that Photopad converts these TIFF-files properly. So it seems there is something wrong with Pixillion.
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In attempt to fix this issue, please try the steps below:

Uninstall Pixillion, then delete 3 folders named "Pixillion" and 1 named "Components" from these locations:
**C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Pixillion\
**C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Pixillion\
**C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Components
**C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\Pixillion\
**If you can't find any of the folders, just continue. 

After that, restart your computer and reinstall the program using this link: https://www.nchsoftware.com/imageconverter/pixpsetup.exe

Once done, restart your system one more time and try again.

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Thanks Elk. I had a paid version of Pixillion which I bought through the Microsoft store. After removing Pixillion from my computer I cannot find it anymore in my store library. I am trying to contact NCH for a link to the paid app.

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Uninstalled and reinstalled Pixillion several times. Rebooted computer in between, etc. However the problem persists: most TIFF-files cannot be loaded in Pixillion. The files must be okay since the NCH Helpdesk can read them. Also other NCH software that I have can read them, the files have been read in the past by Pixillion, they load properly in various other apps, etc. So I am sure that the files are not the problem, but Pixillion on my computer is. 

The NCH support has gone quiet (because of the weekend maybe) so any suggestion is welcomed. 

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