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Hello! I just purchased Debut Videopad Editor the 22nd of this month, two days ago. I registered the product, I used it the same day, no problem, but today I tried using it again and it asked me to provide registration ID again, and it won't accept the credentials they sent me when I paid and was working. It gives me a pop up that says they are invalid, and I have spent about one hour trying to solve this issue following all the prompts and takes me nowhere...so frustrating...I feel like my money was stolen and this is a scam website. I followed every path I thought useful...can anyone give me some light, please?

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Make sure you follow these steps to register the software:

To register:
1- Open the program.
2- From the top left corner, click the "File" menu.
3- From the dropdown menu select "Register software..." 
4- Enter your registration code (numbers-letters) and click on Register.
5-If successful, you'll see the "Licensed Software" status at the very top of the window, next to the program's name.  

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