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Cropping rectangular video to a square one, cropped square changes during the clip


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I have an original vertical rectangular video from the phone that I want to turn into square one. Main object is not in the center, so I applied crop with 1:1 ratio: in the beginning of the clip top part of the frame is selected, at the end - the bottom one. Exported video is not square but has 9:16 original ratio and my cropped square is just moving from top to bottom, surrounded by thinner/thicker black bars. How do I make a video that's really square and always has whatever I applied in crop and no black bars?

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Thanks, everyone. Turns out I just needed "Zoom" effect with fixed ratio, set some keyframes for moving the main subject. I was misled by "Zoom"/"Crop" names because technically I was not zooming. Everything works perfectly now.

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