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Does DeskFX work with BluRay DVD playback to increase volume?


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Has anyone tried DeskFX with BluRay DVD playback (from a PC Desktop internal player). Just wondering if this program will be able to "sit between" the device sound stream, and the Cyberlink player, to be able to manipulate the volume level?

I often find that the volume levels are too low, and have to whack up the AVR to higher levels that expected, to hear good dialogue.  I HAVE manually set up the 5.1 speaker levels (and enhanced the centre channel, in the Pioneer VSX-527 settings), but it would be handy to be able to alter the overall volume (gain?) with this program if it is possible, so that I could do it "on-the-fly" for any DVD media that was lower in volume than expected.

Any help and advice appreciated. 

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9 hours ago, elk said:

You can click the Effects menu > click Amplify > move the slider to the right side to increase the Gain Percentage or select a preset.

Hi @elkmany thanks for the quick reply. I will download the program and give it a try. I see some users have had some issues with this on Windows 10, and the workaround was to right-click on the installer routine and install with Administrator priviledges. That issue may well have been fixed now though, as the posts I saw were from 2021.

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