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This would be an help request but also a suggestion for videopad developers : using a mask to overlay a video, you have to feather the border to 100% if you dont want to see the different contrast/stack between the mixed videos, but this often ruins the image details because Videopad automatically darken the edge line of the mask while apply a sort of blur effect.

Could be fantastic to have a function that check the overlayed frame pixels in the mask edge zone (the one below) and automatically calculate an average RGB value to be applied to mask's edge feathering (the one above) ! The correct RGB value taken from the background area blended with the RGB value of the mask border, in a few words.

The result for a function like this is a perfect way to quick replace a frame masked section with another one from another video, instead of simply darkening the area.

Anyway, if you can suggest a way to avoid the darkening effect of mask feathering using actual features I'll be happy to use it !

Thanks in advance.


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