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Selecting One Layer Makes Another Layer Disappear

Gary Brazzell

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In one of my early tests, I have three layers. Selecting the bottom layer makes the top disappear, and vice versa. All layers are toggled to visible. I tried duplicating layers, and it turns out that only one of the problem layers will show at a time, no matter how many of them there are. Selecting one, makes all the other problem layers disappear. I created one by dragging the stroke off a clip art, then deleting the clip art. I created the other problem layer by drawing a hear, filling it with a gradient, duplicating it, and filling the duplicate with a solid gray. The original heart drawing is fine, but the duplicated solid gray layer keeps disappearing any time I select any of the problem layers.

I want all layers to be visible unless I specifically toggle the visibility. How might I be causing this behavior? How do I get all layers to appear simultaneously? 


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