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Copper ↔ Inventoria Sync Workaround

Dan Goodchild

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Hi folks.

I'm an IT contractor who just came up against the sync problem between Copper and Inventoria when my client's old POS motherboard died.

After much reading and experimentation I managed to get him back up and running on a new Windows 11 PC but I had to jump through A LOT of hoops to get him there.

Here's what I ended up doing (after many failed attempts to get them syncing through normal means):

  1. Recovered his data from the POS hard drive.
  2. Installed VMware Workstation Player 17 on his Windows 11 PC.
  3. Installed and activated Windows 7 Professional as a virtual machine in VMware using his dead POS's licence key.
  4. Found his OLD versions of Copper and Inventoria in his POS hard drive's Program Files folder. The installation files were there along side the executables.
    1. Note: Older versions can also be downloaded from archive.org.
  5. Installed the old versions in the Windows 7 virtual machine. Did NOT set up the company again; that was restored with the data in the next step.
  6. Copied his Copper and Inventoria folders from C:\ProgramData\NCH Software to the same location in the virtual machine and let it overwrite everything.
  7. Configured both programs for network sync.
  8. Synced his item list through the sync apps tab in Copper's Options screen.
  9. Watched a look of relief wash over my client's face.

I know it seems like a lot, but it's not as bad as it seems. I hope this is helpful to some of you still waiting for that elusive patch from the NCH developers.

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