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Speech to Text - has anyone got this to actually work?


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Hi everyone,

First day on this forum, so, while I've gone through as many threads as possible, I can't be sure this isn't covered somewhere, but...

...has anyone actually gotten Express Scribe to work?  I've followed the guide to the letter and am simply trying to get it to interface with Dragon but I get nothing but timeout messages.  I know others have reported this same thing, but I just thought I'd flip the question around a bit and ask if anyone had managed, at any stage, to get it working?  If not, I think I'll just give up...

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Hi @NZDave

Speech to Text works with all SAPI-compliant speech recognition software. Most Windows computers already have it installed.

1) Click the Options button on the toolbar
2) Go to the Speech to Text tab
3) Select the Enable speech recognition checkbox
4) Select a Default profile:
 - If the profile dropdown list is empty, go to the Control Panel
 - Select Ease of Access
 - Select Speech Recognition
 - Select Advanced speech options
 - Click the Train Profile button and follow the steps
 - When you return to Express Scribe, the default profile will be in the dropdown list
5) Click the OK button to save your changes and close the window

Please Note: Speech to Text will only work with files that are loaded after you set it up. Any files that are already loaded into Express Scribe will need to be reloaded to utilize Speech to Text. The transcription will appear in the Notes section of Express Scribe after Speech to Text finishes running.

The process can take some time (even longer than the recording itself). 

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