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MoneyLine won't download financial institution list

Bruce P

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I have installed MoneyLine and have not yet purchased it because I want to see what financial institutions I can connect to for online account access.

When checking the "online account access" box and then selecting "Download Financial Institutions" I am presented with an Error dialog stating "Financial institution list could not be downloaded".

I am connected to the internet and not going through a VPN.  Any ideas on how this can be resolved ?

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In this case you would need to contact your bank and request these details http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/moneyline/win/dlgaddfi.html
Once you have gathered that information, in MoneyLine, you need to follow these steps: click on the Accounts menu > Add Account > check the box "Enable online access account" > in the Online Access section, select for Financial Institution: Add New Financial Institution > enter the requested information > OK.


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