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Building preview is extremely slow, versions 12.x and 13.x


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I still have the old version 10.43 of videopad installed, because it's fast and stable (except for some minor bugs). That's why I use it for big projects. For small projects, I use various newer versions of videopad, e.g. v12.39 and all 13.x versions, so I can test them without any risks.

Because I'm using various versions, I noticed a really big speed difference in building previews (=in the timeline, the green bar above the video clip, that builds up from the left to the right): Version 10.43 is way faster than all versions 12 or 13! To be sure I started a benchmark test, this is my test setup:

1. For versions 12 and 13, select any option in the menu Options->Advanced->GPU Video Processor. Restart videopad, so that changes can take effect (whatever you select, it's still slower than version 10.43).
2. Click "Clear Unused Cache Files" in the menu Options->Disk->Cache - just to be sure, that the cache can't affect the speed.
3. Put any video clip into the timeline (I tried several different resolutions, same result)
4. Add these three video effects (probably also works with another number or other effects), from top to bottom of the effect window:
- Zoom: Aspect Ratio 1:1 (something that is different to the video clip), default Left/Top/Right/Bottom settings. 
- Temperature: Default value (64)
- Saturation: Default value (25)
5. While setting up the effects, building preview already starts. To start the building over, I just set any keyframe in the effect window, then I started the stopwatch to get a precise result.
6. I waited until the green bar above the video clip (in the timeline) is complete. Then I stopped the watch.

The results were very clear:

Example 1:
For a 31 second 4k clip, version 10.43 took only 1 minute and 32 seconds. Version 13.06 took between 2:50 and 3:50, depending on the GPU processor settings. That means, version 10.43 was about two times faster.

Example 2:
For a 44 second 1440x1080p clip, version 10.43 took only 32 seconds. Version 13.06 took between 1:18 and 2:04, depending on the GPU processor settings. Version 10.43 was about 2.5 times faster.

These results sure depend on your hardware, I have quite an old notebook (Windows 10 64bit, Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M + Intel HD Graphics 4600). Nevertheless it's obvious, that videopad versions 12 and 13 got slower.

I wouldn't mention this, but while the preview is building up, I can't really continue working on my (big) project, everything is extremely slow, especially I can't play the preview and check the video, it's just hanging or stuttering until the building process has finished. Unfortunately this process starts from the beginning, if I set any keyframe in the effect window. Sometimes I want to zoom to a certain small section of the clip and follow it, so I have to set a lot of keyframes, if the section is moving inside the whole clip. That means, I have to wait very long - or use good old version 10.43...

What are your experiences? Can you confirm my test results?

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Starting with a :31 4K mp4 clip, with the effects that you specified, two mp4 projects were created - one AVC and the other HEVC.

For each test, using 64-bit releases, cache was cleared prior to project loading.  GPU settings were at the Default.

In 13.03 the AVC project fully cached in :52.  The HEVC took 2:10.

In 10.43 the AVC project fully cached in :09.  The HEVC took 2:23.

For export of the HEVC project - to HEVC.mp4,  v13.03 took 2.34;  v10.43 took 3:54.


Starting with a :44 mp4 1440x1080 clip, with the efx that you specified, two more mp4 projects were created - one AVC and the other HEVC.

In 13.03 the AVC loaded in :03.  The HEVC took :18.

In 10.43 the HEVC loaded in :03.  The HEVC took :21.

For export of the HEVC project - to HEVC.mp4, v.13.03 took :18;  v10.43 took :26.

So, the sole significant discrepancy spotted was the AVC :31 clip load - 10.43 was about five times faster.  Otherwise, 13.03 won.  It's been reported.

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Thank you very much for your effort... I didn't use HEVC video clips, because my old notebook is too slow for that and my graphics card doesn't support it (so I use mp4/h264).

Maybe version 13 can be improved - I hope so.

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Further testing revealed that AVC in 13.03 is using about 5% GPU, at any OPTIONS | Advanced setting.

In 10.43 GPU peaks at 100%.

That would certainly explain it - dependent upon video adapter.

Thanks for your sleuthing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am finding version 13.07 very slow at building previews. How do I download an older version that can build previews faster, I am not seeing on the site how to find old versions.

All I do is "top and tail" editing of the beginning and end of clips, and I must say that I see no improvement in software since paying more money and moving from version 8 to version 13.

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I am also having problems with this in version 13.08. Every time I rolled over the timeline in a project I made the other day I got a "building preview" pop-up prompt, making me wonder if previews ever finish getting built. In my project I have a mix of 4k and 1080 video in mp4 format from a Panasonic DC-G9 camera. I assumed it was probably the 4k clips that were slowing things down but I did not look into it deeply enough to determine that for sure.

Borate, is the release you linked the same as version 10.43 Dangerfreak said was stable and fast?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Unfortunately not, I tested all betas from 13.08 - 13.12. Version 10.43 still is way faster building the preview, even for small projects (only one clip, <1 minute, 4k resolution, 30fps, mp4/x264). Example: If I add a zoom effect, the preview building blocks videopad v13.xx completely, I can't even change the cut-out during the building (videopad does not even react on mouse clicks / dragging).

With version 10.43, prewiew building is faster and I can continue working (e.g. change the cut-out). 


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Be sure either default or your graphics adapter is turned on, under OPTIONS | ADVANCED.  13.11 is utilizing high GPU on import of AVC files.

13.12 isn't available as of this writing, even though the beta site lists it.  A :31 AVC 4K file import takes 7-8 seconds in both (32-bit) 13.11 and 10.43... 

Share your project, and we'll take a look.

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You're right, GPU processor setting makes a big differences for building the preview (since the latest version), it works much better using my graphic card instead of the CPU. I only have to switch it back to "None (CPU only)" for rendering, because using my old graphic card leads to flickering and other problems sometimes. That's why my setting was CPU only by default.

However, that's not the fault of videopad but my old card. Thanks for the advice, now I'm quite happy with it 🙂 .


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Hi, I'd just bought a reasonable Power PC special for editing, because my old machine was struggling with building the preview. But what happened.... with my new power machine it isn't solved. I still get the message with advice to upgrade... my god. I have a AMD Ryzen 5800X on a ASUS TUG Gaming X570-Plus with Kingston Fury 64GB DDR4 3200 - 16 Beast and a Corsair 1TB MP600PRO LPX M.2 drive (one of the fastest available).

What machine do I need to solve this...this is very annoying .

Not that I buy another PC but this is a problem not only for not power PC's as I proof!

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Your PC's specs are more than capable.

What Videopad version is being used?  Look at the bottom-left corner of the VP window.  Try this one.  For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

You should not be prompted to upgrade.  That never happens here.

What's the format of the bulk of the files for your project, and what encoding are they - AVC (H264) or HEVC (H265)?

If you take a few minutes to share, someone here will run your project to compare performance.  It's easy to do and can be private.  Follow these steps...

  •     Back up --- With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left.  Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER.  Choose a folder and SELECT FOLDER.
  •     Upload ---  Use a free server - Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc.* - to upload the saved, numbered FOLDER.    Do NOT upload the individual VPJ or export file. 
  •     Get link --- Get a public link.  If using Google Drive click GET SHAREABLE LINK. If necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with the link can view" 
  •     Share ---     Click COPY LINK | DONE.  Paste that link here, or click the folder at the top-right of this forum to message it privately to me.  It won't be shared.

          *    Before uploading, right-click the folder, click PROPERTIES.  Look at the File Size to confirm that it's not too big for the free space on the server.

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  • 5 months later...

I have been using VideoPad for just over a year now and have been extremely happy with its features and ease of use.


However, in the last two months , it has become slower and slower and has come to an almost complete stop when previewing and exporting videos. The source material is 4k videos shot with a GoPro and mu computer runs Windows 11. My current VideoPad version is 13.16.

Can you let me know what is going on with this program?

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Please make sure to follow the steps below in order to solve the situation presented with the program:
1. From VideoPad, select the Tools => Options => Disk tab > "Cache folder" section => copy the folder path.
On our end is > C:\Users\NCH\AppData\Local\Temp\
2. Paste the path on your Windows folder explorer, this will open the Cache contents.
3. Delete all files within this folder.
4. Close VideoPad and reopen it again.    
5. Reload the file and let us know the outcome.
Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you with.  

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