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QUestions on normalization


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I have some important questions in using normalization options and how Mixpad saves them and then are handled in Wavepad


Normalizing audios files with any option except the top level option say to  -6 db leads to files that produces ___peaks to 0dbm ____

The interested person  uses Wavepad and requires a result file at -6db peak, otherwise he will process the file  again to suit his needs

The questions is : Is that -6db RMS measurement or peak level? Ans what i can do to adjust that for the -6 level in EBU or any other format?

Also I found a bug [?]

Please look at the enclosed video. I m trying to do a save a preset with EBU format that is saved into peak loudness or average RMS What I m missing?  

You can see some reverting to the original waveform after the APPLY. I did a UNDO keyboard operation  before getting the next step:


Sorry folks I m waiting for solutions other than tickets.

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