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Software is quite limited!


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So after using this for a week now, new limitations keep popping up and im finding it lacking more and more of the basic features required.

Many other softwares already support this and are free, like SweetHome3D. What drew me to SmartDraw and what I prefer about it over the others is the ability to map outside the home area and map terrain.

However, I need to do some of the following things, so please let me know if it is possible.

1. Reduce the canvas size - Reduce the Canvas size or amount of ground that is not being used. So much ground is sitting empty and this makes the OBJ so large on export.
2. The ability to reduce lighting / switch to night mode so we can see more of the lighting effects. Right now we are able to enable a light but can barely see that it is on, as its light already.
3. It appears that after exporting the OBJ with MTL file, that the textures still do not load?


Any info is much appreciated.

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