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Real Time Adjustment of Equalizer Settings


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to edit audio inside video pad and when I open the FX options and choose Equalizer, I then proceed to adjust the different frequency bands in order to adjust the sound of my audio. Problem is, when I adjust the knobs, it doesn't give me the result in real time. I have to press Apply, then listen to the result. This makes it very hard to adjust accurately. I have to adjust each knob, then press Apply, then listen to the result in order to see how each adjustment attempt has affected the audio. 

Is there a way to adjust in real time and hear the audio changes as I move the knobs up and down?

If not, please let the software engineers at NCH know that we need to have real time adjustments in the audio section of Video Pad.

Thanks in advance

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That's on the wish list.  Add your suggestion by clicking on the caret at the top-right of the VP window.  image.png

Real-time is available in Wavepad.  Save the edited file and import it back into Videopad.


Alternatively, if the clip in Videopad has audio and video linked, right-click the audio track and Edit In Wavepad.

When done, click the top-right red X to save and close.  VP will reappear with the file added to the audio track.

Then UNlink the original clip, delete its audio and slide the video over the newly edited audio track.

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  • borate changed the title to Real Time Adjustment of Equalizer Settings

Thanks Borate. I guess they will add real time equalizer adjustment in future editions. 

I am using MixPad and I can adjust in real-time with that software, so I will do what you suggest and adjust outside Video Pad with Mix Pad, and then bring the music back into Video Pad.

I have a bunch of suggestion for Video Pad, so I will use the 'Send Improvement Suggestion or Feedback' option inside VideoPad, as you advised. I love Video Pad and if they keep improving it, I think it will be the best video editor out there for most people.

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