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ideas requested of mixing music tracks


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To anyone who can help This question is  process oriented than program

As far as  I know and tested there are a few ways of mixing up tracks and I still am looking for the most useful technique

(1)Prior to use mixpad I used a set of programs for joining mp3 files that could in the end exceed  the requested time of  30 minutes together with the ‘voiceplugs’  (voice mp3s in between music mp3s) If the time was  less then 31-32 minutes he simply shrunk the time to 30 minutes (1 bemole less ) because ‘this is nil difference to he human ear’

(2) Jutin case the file was more than 32 minutes he simply faded out the last file

(3) in the third idea  is  simply to limit  the time  each track is mixed  so that mixing starts with the start of first track and  ends with the end of last track and the remain are freely mixed up


Which if these 3 approaches you think are better for a mixing session ?  I will appreciate also any other useful ideas.


IN  Short the ideas are written mathematically  in a 30 minutes available mixing

(1)  If total time <31,5 minutes = Shrink by time

(2) if  total time >32 minutes then fade last track

(3) start an end song ends  determine the ends of mixing



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