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One licence or two? Personal or business?


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Hi, it's not clear to me what type of licence[s] I need: I want to install FastFox for work, on both an office desktop and a laptop computer. I would never be actively using both at the same time; I just sometimes use one and sometimes the other. I use the same identity to sign in on my work laptop as in the office, but obviously it's not usually connected to my work's physical network (I can use its VPN when elsewhere, but don't want to have to be logged on to that all the time). What licence[s] do I need to [ask my finance department to] purchase in order to have Firefox running on whichever of the two computers I'm using, and ideally without having to separately create two shortcut lists?


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NCH software licenses are single computer licenses. In order to use a program on two computers, you'd have to purchase a second license. Alternatively, you could uninstall the software from your old computer so that you're only using the registration code to register on one computer.

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