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Change inital camera angle on 360 video


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Hi is there any way I can change the initial camera angle when editing a 360 video in Videopad please?  Insta360 software won't do it - there's no way I can afford Adobe Premiere to do this. VideoPad does everything else I need and I think it is utterly brilliant BTW :) 

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  • borate changed the title to Change inital camera angle on 360 video

Don't know that this is what you want, but here are Videopad's 360 capabilities...

A 360 image or video is warped in a way that allows certain viewers to look around the scene as though they are at the centre of it. 360 Media can be either monoscopic or stereoscopic

Loading 360 Media

360 image clips and / or video clips can be added to any project, using the instructions in Loading or Creating Clips.

Previewing 360 Media

Either Sequence or clip preview. will have a toggle button available to switch between Flat and 360 views. While enabled you can click and drag within the preview to rate the direction of the view.

Editing 360 Media

Editing 360 media works the same as any other media. You can apply effects, such as black and white, but overlaying text and other images might not look correct. In this case, overlay a clip on a new track, and apply the Place in 360 effect. You should then be able to preview this by clicking and moving the preview.

Saving 360 Media

Saving 360 media works the same as saving normal media.
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