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I need help enhancing faint distant whispers in an audio file


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Hello I have whispering in my studio and I wanted to see if there was any type of software or recording mic that I can make out what’s going on it’s just hard to pick up on my cell phone also I was recording on my Wyze cam when I went to go take a shower and I saw something was like a solid beam and I knew that wasn’t in my house so when I got out of the shower I went in the room and as I was looking on the camera it was like a diagonal beam of light And I put my arm through it some but it was only visible on the camera and not to the naked eye do you think this is a camera or how can I find out if there’s cameras in my place and the whispering it’s just a Feedback I also hear it when I’m on speakerphone on my cell phone Please help I got RF detector or EMF detector and when I got to the hood of my stove it started going crazy I need to know how are they watching me in my unit

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