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Texts moving out of place when adding sequences

anne brown

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Not quite sure of your procedure.  Please explain step-by=step.

Here, a project was opened and two text clips were overlaid at different clip boundaries.

Then, a new sequence 2 was created.  From the Sequences tab above the bin, sequence 1 was dropped into sequence 2.

Sequence 2 is now a composite of sequence 1 - no splits between clips.  The text overlay isn't displayed on the overlay track.  Nor can it be moved.

But everything is there and text remains in precisely the same position as it was when composed in sequence 1.

A text overlay is tied to its sequence

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Thank you. I think I understand! I'm a 65 yr old female and good at many things but this is challenging!!

I've been playing around and find that if I write my texts in sequence 2 then I can slide them down to the video I'm making in sequence 1

Then the other titles in sequence 1 stay in place! I didn't know about the 2 sequences.

Thank you.

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Normally, a project has but a single sequence, as shown by the tab above the timeline and under the Sequences tab in the bin (top-left).

Sequences can be embedded in other sequences, as noted above, where they become just another track.

Often, a sequence has many tracks. Higher tracks take precedence over lower, so text clips, on a higher track, will be displayed over content on lower tracks.  And text clips, just like any other, can be moved by dragging.

A track can be locked (so it isn't affected by work on other tracks) by right-clicking at the left of the track and making that choice.


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