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Photostage Free intruded in download of JPG files

Mike Goodger

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I was downloading some jpg files from Google Drive online to a folder on my Windows 10 laptop when the Photostage Free icon suddenly appeared in my folder and I could only download the files into Photostage Free, as if I wanted to make a slide show.

I could not get out of this, so I uninstalled Photostage Free until I can learn how to prevent this from happening. Usually, Photostage Free is not in my Start menu and it sits dormant with its Desktop Shortcut until I double-click on the shortcut item.

Why has Photostage Free suddenly gone "busy-body" and intrusive, please?

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Hi, it's possible that it's set as your default program for the files in question (jpg, images in general).

What you need to do is set that to something else instead:
Right click on one of the files, select Open With> Choose the program as needed (Windows Image viewer), check the box to use as default and that should take care of it.

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On 11/5/2022 at 5:20 PM, Mike Goodger said:

MakubX - Thank you, I have not yet reinstalled PhotoStage Free, but I am pretty sure that you have given me the right answer. I have had things like that before.

Many thanks!

You are welcome!

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