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Autoformat Does Not Distribute Notes


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When I click on autoformat I expect to see the notes evenly spaced across a measure.  Not so in my case.  I also expect to see some spacing between the key signature and the first note, but in my case the first note is right adjacent to the key signature.   Wish there was a way to attach a picture to this message.

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I have had problems with Autoformat ding odd things with spacing if it is used on very uneven spacing as is the case when I first enter a score.

I have found the Score drop-down menu entry for Layout to be much better, I usually opt for 4 bars per line then let Autoformat deal with minor spacing corrections after I do any editing.

For image attachments it would appear that you are forced into using something like DropBox or GoogleDrive and just providing a link.


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Hello, the autoformat tool in Crescendo will work to arrange the notes on each bar.  You may select multiple bars and autoformat them, but the size of each bar will be determined by the number of notes you enter.   

You may also click to drag the barline to adjust each bar's size.

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