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Doesn't Convert .html to .pdf


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I've tried converting several different .html files of different sizes and origins and conversion never completes, the progress bar appears as a small blue box, but never moves regardless of how long I wait. I can't find a work file or partial file in the output directory which is the same directory where the files reside. Task Manager shows CPU usage varying slightly, 0.1-0.2%, from 17.2% to 49% depending on the file; memory usage is between 21.6 MB to 28.7 MB, again depending on the file, with little variance. I tried invoking the conversion 3 different ways with identical results. Running on Win10 with all updates applied.

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To Tech Support:

I am new to Doxillion but I have not found my answer in the support literature - I must be doing something wrong.  I have read that Doxillion can convert html and mhtml to pdf.  This is essential for why I need it to prepare for Zotero.  I just tried one at a time or 4-5 at a time to convert these to Acrobat.  I obtained two results neither one of which worked.  Many of the documents only produced a 1 mb file in Acrobat which is an introduction in Acrobat and others produced a jumbled mess that is unusable.  I still have my original MHTML files thank goodness.  I Google this as well and found no answer and the instructions doing this process seem simple enough but no explanation as to what I am doing wrong.  I found a note of runing the files through doxillion and then pixillion which I tried and that just made a bigger mess.

In a separate need - I need to be able to reduce folders to a single PDF and I cannot get that to work either.  What am I doing wrong?  I am on a weekend deadline and have spun my wheels on this all evening and don't understand what the problem is.



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