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Program constantly lagging


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As my structure has gotten more detailed, the program has started lagging to a point where I cannot use it.  I had a 4gb graphics card and upgraded to a 12gb card and there is no difference.  Can anyone help me with this? Is there a way to lower the video resolution in my project?

Thank you!

Steve Rogalinski

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DreamPlan does not offer any options to change the resolution of the project.  You may want to check if there are other programs running in the background while you are using DreamPlan, and while rendering in DreamPlan you may want to avoid other applications to avoid overloading your computer.


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Thank you for getting back to me. It happens regardless of whether or not I have other applications open. I have no issues with anything but dreamplan and I use some very graphics intensive software.


This just all of a sudden happened a couple weeks ago. Tried repairing, tried reinstalling. Nothing. 

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