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Effect Chains Not Saving V 11.97

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So I'm in the midst of a lengthy project. I was orginally working in VP 8.93 and decided to upgrade to 11.93. This is proving to be a big mistake on my part. Started creating effects chains/templates for effects. After I create the effect chain, name it, save it. When I save my  entire project for later work and return. Without fail, every time effects included in the chain are gone, but not every effect. It appears the last two or three effects used in the chain, just disappear. The project is just a mess and I don't always have the time to go back and fix every little thing.. Anyone else experiencing this? Any work around? I've sent bug reports to NCH there has been 3 maintenance updates since I first sent my issue over to them, and nothing for this problem I'm encountering is being resolved or any input from them as to why this is happening. All I get is "It's been sent to the developers attention"  Any input appreciated. I've been using VP for quite a few years and never had this issue before. It has always been a solid performer. Thanks

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