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Going from independent 8th notes to connected eighth notes with a common bar on top?

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6 hours ago, Bob Henderson said:

I'm a new user and my program went from notes being together with a common eighth note bar from one to the next to independent eighth notes.  How do I go back so I can drag to the next note and two notes or 4 notes will have a common bar on top?


Kindly sketch/notate what you are trying to do on a piece music writing paper so that we can imitate that with Crescendo and give you further instructions on how to come up with that written notation.

Keep in touch. Stay safe!

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Here is the image of both individual 8th notes and eight notes tied together at the top.  My Crescendo was initially tying the notes together as I drag to the next 8th note.  It stopped and only does individual 8th notes now.  How do I get it to drag to the next 8th note back?

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Looking at the image, you have inserted the first four notes with "Automatic Beam Mode" OFF, the final four notes have this option ON?

Select the second note of a pair you want to "tie together" and, using the right mouse button to show the context menu, select "Beams", "Automatic Beam", that will connect the selected note to the previous one with a beam.

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