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Converted .aiff from .flac doens't have audio spectrum [10.28]

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Hi All, 

Overall I was very pleased with the usage of Switch converter, using v6 something.
So i made a mistake by updating, and purchasing, the newest Switch Plus converter 10.28

I use the converter to convert .flac files to aiff files because this format has more options for DJ gear to be played on.
Once the file is converted I use the program SPEK to analyze the audio spectrum of the converted file

Now with version 10.28 it seems the converted file doesn't have a readable audio stream for SPEK.
What setting do I have to change to get this information from when i was using 6.x



SPEC Analyzer Switch Plus 6.x: https://imgur.com/a/6ZK7Rrd
SPEC Analyzer Switch Plus 10.28.: https://imgur.com/a/LZCG1Dg


Hopefully you guys can help me with this


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