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Large number of files, but only some needs converting

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I have a bunch of leftover tracks that I want to keep, but a lot of them are .flac that I want to convert. The problem is that we're talking way more than 10.000 audio files in total, in an intricate folder order (artist/type of recording/album) and finding the flac-files in there requires searching Windows, picking the correct folder, and convert. This takes way too much time, so I was hoping there was a way to tell switch to only convert the flac-files, and leave the rest, that way I can get away with running a couple of thousand files trough it.

The reason I convert to mp3 is the available disk space, so I convert to 320kbps, to at least save 2/3 of the space.

Another question is if it's possible to convert AND delete the old file when conversion is finished, just let Switch run trough a bunch of folders, convert, save in the same folder, and delete the old one.

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Switch will not add the files automatically, you need to click the Add Files button > find and select the folder you need to convert > next to the File Name field, you will see the Audio Files drop down menu > click it and select FLAC Files > highlight the files to convert > click Open.

Yes, you can delete the original files after conversion. Under Home menu > click Options icon > Conversions tab > check the option "Delete source file after successful conversion" > click OK to save the changes.

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