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Simply Will Not Play Audio


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Hi I used to use this program all the time and I loved it. Been a couple years. Re-downloaded. Even repurchased a license. Uninstalled old versions. Unistalled new versions and re-installed. Updated Windows. Same error every single time, no matter what: "Playback Failed. Please check that your audio hardware is functioning properly. Go to options-playback blah blah blah" I go there, and there's only two options: 1) Default. 2) Realtek Speakers/headphones. I try both. Same error. I plug in headphones. I take out headphones. Same error. Again and again no matter what.

Running Windows 10 on a Dell. Can anyone solve this maddening issue for me? I'm under an extreme deadline.

PS The irony in this is that when it gives me the error, it plays a sound. So it won't play the mp3, but it will play the BLOOP ERROR sound. Awesome. 

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