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Dox Large Directory Tree conversion


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Have been searching forum to see if I can find anything that will address my concern.  I have a large multi-level directory tree that I need to convert from WordPerfect (.wpd) to Word (.docx) and want everything to convert in place so the directory organization remains the same. Cannot find anything in the Help document.  Don't want to attempt to convert and wind up with converted documents all in a single folder.  Thanks for clarification and assistance.


MacBook Pro, MacOS 12.4

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So, is it safe to say that a structure like the below could be processed in a single pass?

  1. /MyFiles
  2. /MyFiles/Accounts
  3. /MyFiles/Accounts/Current
  4. /MyFiles/Accounts/PastDue
  5. /MyFiles/Vendors
  6. /MyFiles/Suppliers
  7. /MyFiles/Suppliers/Domestic
  8. /MyFiles/Suppliers/International
  9. /MyFiles/Suppliers/International/Components
  10. /MyFiles/Suppliers/International/Assemblies

Each with various files at each level that need to be converted.  Can the top-level directory /MyFiles be selected and everything under it would be included and converted files would be saved in their original folders?


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