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CPU/processor very busy


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I have Axon with a win2k and win2k3 server. When I start Axon the CPU usage is low (normal). After the first call between two extensions the CPU usage goes to 90-96% and stay always on this percentages. When I close the Axon application the CPU is going low. I check the CPU with (ctrl-alt-del) (Task Manager). Are there more people with the same problem?

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After several expreiments it seems the problem is when Express Talk softphone is used. When I connected two external (hardware) SIP phones, the Axon didn't make busy CPU. I suggest you to try some other softphone or the dedicated hardware sip phone.


Well, after two days of use - the same story. Sorry, even with hardware phones - it's not usable.

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<_< Big CPU Problem....



To solve the problem, I just reinstall the program, over the old installation.


System Spec:


Server Op: Windows 2003 Ent. Server, with SP1

Ram: 2 GB

Cpu 3.2 Ghz Dual Core (Intel) (( Both cpu go 100%.... ))

Virus prog. Nod32



We are using hardware phones only, Grandstream


We have 10 SIP lines.


Our Internet connection is a 8 mbt xDSL Connection 8 In and 0.9 Out



Christer / Sweden

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Reinstall will not work here.


Any other idea`s?



Well, I don't know if this is the solution, but it works with me for two days on W2k3 server and CPU doesn't get crazy till now. I hope I won't be dissapointed again in next days...


It was strange for me having two axon.exe in running processes and 100% CPU usage. So I tried to run axon strictly as a service - unvisible in background - even without any graphical interface or icon in the tray. Perhaps it was the reason, because since then it works.


Try this approach and we'll see...

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Same problem


I've no tried with other softphones, but i've just bought two licenses of expresstalk and expressdial. And i wanna run it with these software.


Altought the CPU on Axon server is working at 100%, axon works fine. I refer that his function is ok, but the trouble is when you wanna use another software with the same computer like VRS recording system. When CPU is overworked, VRS fails.


I suppose NCH will fix this problem in future versions.

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