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Cant find exported video and also...

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Hi I am not very tech literate and find this stuff stressful 😞  

I made a video and asked for help on this forum and received help (thankyou so much) and my problem got solved.  I had an exported ?MP4 and also a not yet exported version in videopad.  I tried to find the MP4 yesterday and I can't find it anywhere.  So now I am trying to play the unexported version in video pad but it wants me to resolve all these files.  I think I might have deleted the clips I loaded in, or maybe I didn't delete them, I don't remember.

When I open the project it wants to resolve all these missing files (its a shame I cant copy and paste the pop up). when I click "resolve" it asks me for a File Name (type it lists is "common media files") I don't understand why it asks me for a file name when I have clicked the "resolve" button for the file it wants to resolve.  I don't know the file name.

Any ideas please?

Thanks again



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