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Place 3D Model below ground (pool)


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The program would allow you to have the Pool Tool. this would create a pool under the ground, now if you are looking to modify the ground you can use the Landscaping/Levels to lower the level ground.

That would be the option available on the program. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about our products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

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- The program doesn't work like that.  If Ground elevation is set to 0 feet, and I draw a slope of -8 feet, then modify the terrain at the end of the slope at -8 feet to create a flat surface at the end of the slope, then try to draw a pool in that flat area, it draws the pool hovering in the air.  It seems that a pool can only exist at 0 feet elevation.

If I do it the reverse, and draw the pool at 0 feet elevation, then draw an upward slope of 8' I have my pool....BUT, now I can't put a path at the top of the slope, because a path can only be on the ground floor, ie 0 feet elevation.

For 3D, it seems that the software excels as long as everything sits on a level plane.  Although it allows you to re-create the terrain as it exists in real life, some of the building tools don't seem to understand that they can exist outside of 0 fee elevation (pool and paths for sure).   All tools need to have this restriction disabled.  They need to operate like fences.  I can have a flat area at 0 feet, a slope of -8 feet, and a flat area at the bottom of the slope and I can draw a fence from the top (0 feet), down the -8' slope, and around the flat area at the bottom of the slope (-8 feet).

That's the way they should all function, in order to simulate real life.

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