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DOC Convert to PDF; Command-Line Issue (V 6.10)


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Has anyone fully vetted the command-line options in V 6.10?  I am trying to convert DOC files to PDF using the command line (via both CMD and PowerShell).  I have discovered that the '-OutFolder' switch and its corresponding value must be one (1) complete string with no space between the switch and the value.  Otherwise, no conversion takes place.  In addition, this '-OutFolder' switch appears to be IGNORED, and the app simply uses the last value for the "Output Folder" as shown in the GUI user form.  Again, has anyone else experienced this behavior, and if so, is there a work-around?  Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

04/04/2022 06:57PM EST; Update

I have confirmed that the command-line tool interrogates the registry to find the "OutputFolder" setting (as named in the registry).  Inserting an invalid path in that setting causes the command line script to generate an error message indicating the invalid path.  I have also confirmed that inserting a space between the '-OutFolder' switch and its corresponding value also generates an error message indicating an invalid directory even though that directory clearly exists.  So there is obviously a defect in the CLI that forces the user to first employ the GUI in order to convert a DOC file to the intended output path.  This is certainly a significant roadblock to the versatile use of this tool.  I have submitted an e-mail to support on this issue.

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