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Proposal to increase priority of editing over exporting and an extended exit choice

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I use videopad 11.38 64Bit actually and I am happy with it!

I have a nine years old desktop with I5-4670T, which is quite slow for editing videos. I wait buying a new one until Intel brings out I7 for desktops with new internal GPU like the mobile version (I7-12800H).

During my editing work I would prefer to have access to the whole power of CPU and GPU. That means, all export tasks should use “free” performance only as long as editing tasks are in progress.

If so, it would be nice to have an expanded choice when exiting videopad during export tasks are active:

  • Exit directly = cancel all export tasks
  • Exit automatically after all export tasks are completed
  • Exit and shutdown PC after all export tasks are completed


Alternative for users with a slow pc like me:

It would be nice to have the possibility of not starting export immediately but keeping it in a waiting list which you can start separately when you have finished editing.

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alternative solution
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